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“The most transformational work happens when everyone agrees that radically new approaches may be required to operate in a whole new world”


Work Portfolio: Companies

Complete business model transformation of a Solar Robotics company during 90 days of lockdown

  • Objective: To build a new world-class invasive ventilator to help India battle the COVID pandemic

  • Role: Created and co-led a 20-member consortium comprising top business leaders, doctors, and other experts. The consortium successfully helped the company move from design to testing, certification and manufacturing in under 90 days.

  • Outcome: The company now has two business lines- the original business line (‘robots for cleaning solar plants’), and a new business line (‘medical devices’)

Rapid orchestration of growth through new line of business at a prominent
Online Education company

  • Objective: To help the company transition from a pure B2B business model to a new
    B2C line of business in an accelerated time-frame.

  • Role: Business Advisor. Facilitate organization-wide alignment to ensure different
    functions work in tandem. Curriculum, Digital marketing, Customer Acquisition,
    Learner Engagement, as well as external partnerships.

  • Outcome: Within six months, the company developed a successful B2C line of

Developing and executing a strategy to help a mid-size listed company incubate and set up a new digital-first FMCG business

  • Objective: To help a traditional industrial group launch a digital-first FMCG business
    focused on millennials

  • Role: Incubation Advisor. Working closely with the business owners, create and
    execute a plan to structure this as an entrepreneur-driven venture.

  • Outcome: In progress

Advising a leading private-equity-funded Elder Care company on revamping its
digital marketing and marketing infrastructure

  • Objective: To streamline the marketing and sales capabilities, and the customer
    experience by aligning them to the founders’ mission and the short-term business
    goals of the company

  • Role: Implementing robust frameworks and operating methodologies that ensure
    greater effectiveness of marketing and sales programs

Articulating the desired ‘legacy’ for a serial entrepreneur and creating a
philanthropic awards program as an outcome

  • Objective: To help an US-based NRI serial entrepreneur create a philanthropic
    program in India.

  • Role: Advising the philanthropist in designing the program construct by analysing and
    understanding the roots of his inherent motivation.

  • Outcome: In progress

Innovation & Intrapreneurship at India’s leading Oil PSU

  • Objective: To sensitize senior leadership (GMs & DGMs) about digital disruption,
    and provide pointers towards innovation and intrapreneurship opportunities within the

Digital & business transformation evangelization with SMEs

  • Objective: Several trade bodies and companies are focused on SME transformation

  • Role: Workshops for ambitious SME owners who know they need to transform in
    order to survive. Includes- Leveraging digital technologies; new business models;
    cultural transformation.

Work Portfolio: Universities, educational & research institutions

Top Management School

  • Objective: To become a leading incubator in the country for fostering socially-
    impactful entrepreneurs, and enabling livelihood creation.

  • Role: Chairman of the Board for the Innovation Park. Providing guidance regarding
    the next five years’ strategy to make this among the top incubators in India, especially
    in terms of social impact. Actively leading the Innovation Park board in forging new
    initiatives for the incubator- student, alumni and faculty engagement; new revenue
    streams; relationships with central and state governments.

A Leading IIT

  • Objective: To be among the top technology incubators in the world.

  • Role: Board member & mentor at the technology incubator. To help create strategies
    that enable promising inventors to become world-beating technology ventures. Create
    new models for accelerated mentoring, fundraising and business execution that
    overcome limitations of geographical location and time.

India’s #1 Science-based Incubator

  • Objective: To equip high-quality Ph.D founders (who are highly-qualified technically,
    but lack business skills) to become “business-ready”.

  • Role: Board member & mentor. Achieving business readiness through workshops,
    seminars and one-on-one mentoring that covers a range of topics

India’s only ‘Design University’

  • Objective: To be perceived as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thereby becoming a magnet for high-quality student admissions.

  • Role: Advising the university on curriculum interventions, program design and incubation strategy that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation. Starting with the one-year post-graduate Fellowship Program, and then expanding to other undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

Top-10 Liberal Arts and Sciences University

  • Objective: To help the University’s Fellowship Program (one-year multi-disciplinary post-graduate diploma) design and execute an important year-long module. 

  • Role: Providing oversight to the year-long Experiential Learning Module that provides 190+ students the experience of working on real-life projects from diverse sectors. These projects train them in designing and implementing sustainable solutions for both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

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