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“The post-covid world needs a new paradigm for speed of growth. Years must become months, and months must become weeks”


We come in as a hands-on orchestrator of rapid innovation and change. We do this by working with you closely over a six to twelve month period. To incubate new ideas, initiatives and ventures that bring in growth.

Which industries do we do this for?

  • Healthcare | Education | FMCG | B-to-B | B-to-C

What exactly do we do to make this happen?

  • We advise and we orchestrate

    • ​​Using our VEGAm and OMm frameworks

    • Often through some workshops

    • And always through a regular ritual of reviews

  • Provide mentoring/coaching as needed

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If this is your ‘Challenge’-
This is how we help you ‘Grow’
Not growing fast enough?
Innovation & Growth ‘Sprints
Overwhelmed by pace of tech (digital) change?
Digital Transformation ‘Sprints’ & Digital Advisory Boards
Agile competitors nibbling away at your business?
Partnerships and M&A sprints
Your managers not entrepreneurial in their approach?
Intra-preneurship ‘Sprints’
Need aspirational ventures for the family next-gen? 
Next-gen business venture 'Sprints' in sunrise sectors
Want to do something that also becomes your legacy?
Legacy-building ‘Sprints’ & Advisory Boards
More about our two proprietary frameworks
On a Run


(Sanskrit & Tamil: "Quickness. To go from speed to speed")

I3G Advisory Network - Illustration (2).

A Framework for Rapid Growth    

Dreaming audaciously

World-class from Day-1
Structured problem-solving Boundaryless Ideation
Focused Execution

Image by Austrian National Library


(Universal: "Unifying everything.


I3G Advisory Network - Illustration (3).

A Framework for Unified Collaboration

Assembling the starcast
A Higher Purpose that unifies
Rituals that build good habits
Remote collaboration
Osmosis within the team
Productive dissent
Leading from the front

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