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“It’s been fascinating how stimulating conversations with groups- small or big- have led to deep relationships”


The team at i3G Advisory engages with a wide range of audiences across India. These range from intimate conversations in small settings of 15-20 people, to interactive workshops with 15-50 participants, as well as Masterclasses with much larger groups, often 100-500+.

A brief summary of audience-specific topics provided here:
Image by Mika Baumeister

Our most popular topics

  1. Innovating in a large corporation

  2. The disruption around us, and what ‘the next economy’ will look like

  3. Breakthrough growth strategies for ambitious SMEs

Image by Ryo Tanaka

At large corporations

  1. Developing an Intrapreneurial mindset

  2. Innovation eco-system in India

  3. How to succeed with digital disruption?

  4. Legacies that CEOs & Founders can leave behind for posterity

  5. Leadership lessons from the world of sports

  6. Leadership lessons from two millennia of Indian history

  7. Leadership lessons from the world of entertainment

Image by Krisztina Papp

Small & medium business owners

  • Changing gears, and changing business models

College Campus

Colleges, universities & academic institutions

  1. Promoting entrepreneurship at India’s premier universities & colleges

  2. Start-ups: Not just hype….but real development economics

Image by Austin Distel

Incubator & Start ups

  1. 10 tips for start-up success

  2. The art & science of effective start-up pitching (Storytelling for start-ups)

  3. Finding the right co-founders & building a great team

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Other topics

  1. The missing 3.5Bn women entrepreneurs: Ideas, actions, tools

  2. The opportunities & challenges for next-gen in family-owned businesses

  3. Building your own personal brand

  4. 50 is the new 30!

  5. Joys of entrepreneurship

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