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What does high school biology have to do with a twenty-member ventilator task force?

My Class 9 bio teacher drilled into us the definition of 'osmosis', viz. "the movement of a solvent across a semipermeable membrane toward a higher concentration of solute (lower concentration of solvent)'. As I grew older, I learnt yet another definition in the context of teamwork, "people in a team learning from each other consciously and sub-consciously".The ventilator task-force is where I saw this working under conditions of high pressure. Twenty people thrown together for ninety days. picked one of my favourite chapters ('The Power of Osmosis') to publish as an excerpt. Here it is:

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Our first book review! gave us our first book review on 14/3/21.

Thank you, Rekha Dixit!

The Week magazine featured the ventilator task force and the book in this great article, 'The Age of Heroes':

Small towns is where the action is

So happy to see that The Print picked an excerpt from Ch.24('Small-town Talent') of the book, The Ventilator Project. Non-metros is where the the future of innovation is.


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